Clever Coffee Dripper

Style: Hybrid, Filtered Full Immersion

Characteristics:  The Clever produces a full bodied cup that’s clean and sediment free.  The full immersion brewing style allows for the gentle extraction of the coffee’s full flavor profile, while the paper filter cleans up the cup and removes the sediment.


Amount of Ground Coffee 22g 33g
Water used 12 oz/360 mL 18 oz/530 mL
Infusion time 3 – 4:00 min 3 – 4:00 min
Amount of Filtered Coffee Made       10 oz/300 mL 15 oz/450 mL




  1. Place a #4 Melitta style filter in the Clever and rinse thoroughly.  You’ll need to place the brewer over a cup or carafe to allow the rinse water to fully drain.
  2. Place the brewer on a flat surface and add your freshly ground coffee.

You can adjust your grind size according to your extraction times, using the rule thumb, the longer the water will be in contact with the coffee grounds the coarser the coffee needs to be ground.  For starters we will use a 3-4 minute extraction, with coffee ground slightly larger than regular table salt.

  1. Add water that is roughly 200°f.  Pour the water in a way that allows you to fully wet all of the coffee grounds.  After all of the water is added, cover the brewer with the lid and start your timer.

You’ll want to premeasured your water, or use a scale to make sure you get it all in the brewer.  Remember, fresh roasted coffee has a tenancy to bloom.

  1. At the 1:45-2:00 mark, remove the lid and gently stir the coffee grounds.
  2. Place the brewer over your cup or carafe and allow coffee to drain completely.
  3. Remove brewer and dispose of coffee the coffee grounds.
  4. Enjoy!